20th Annual International Congress
University of Malta
Valletta, Malta
May 31-June 3, 2017

Dear colleagues:

The final draft of the program has been posted to the

Thank you all for your many contributions to our upcoming conference.  I 
think this may well be the most exciting MSA yet. Unless I am mistaken, 
it will be one of our largest.  The field is growing and diversifying in all 
kinds of interesting ways.

As you know, many people who send in abstracts fail to obtain funding 
and withdraw from the conference between the postings of the preliminary 
and final programs.  In a few cases, some of you volunteered to chair 
panels that no longer exist for this reason. In other cases, we have had 
to combine panels who lost a significant portion of their original 
membership.  In those cases, I have generally assigned the chair duties 
to the person associated with what has become the chronologically 
earlier material in the combined panels.

I look forward to seeing you in Malta,

John Watkins
Program coordinator, Mediterranean Studies Association
Distinguished McKnight University Professor of English
Affiliate Faculty in History, Italian Studies, and Medieval Studies
University of Minnesota