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Occitania-Provence and the Mediterranean: Contributions, Exchanges, and Relationships

Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme

Aix-en-Provence, France, May 23-26, 2001


Sponsored by:

Mediterranean Studies Association

Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme


Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

  • Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture

Arizona State University

  • Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

University of Kansas

The Mediterranean Studies Association’s 4th annual International Congress, "Occitania-Provence and the Mediterranean: Contributions, Exchanges, and Relationships" will be held on May 23-26, 2001 at the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme in Aix-en-Provence, France. Papers and sessions on all subjects relating to the Mediterranean region and Mediterranean cultures around the world from all periods are encouraged. Following a day of optional excursions, the congress will open with a reception on the evening of May 23. Over the course of the next days over 150 scholarly papers will be delivered before an international audience of about 250 scholars, academics, and experts in a wide range of fields. The official languages of the congress are French and English. In addition, several special sessions in Portuguese (focused on Franco-Portuguese cultural relationships) are being planned. Finally sessions in any Mediterranean language are welcome. A number of special events are being planned for conference participants that will highlight the unique cultural aspects of Aix-en-Provence. The congress is sponsored by the Mediterranean Studies Association, the Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme (a research department of l'Université de Provence, in conjunction with l'Université d'Aix-Marseille and CNRS), the City of Aix-en-Provence, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Arizona State University, and the University of Kansas. Selected revised papers will be considered for publication in the Association’s journal, Mediterranean Studies.

1. You must be a member of the Mediterranean Studies Association for 2001. Dues are $40. Dues are waived for Advisory Board members; dues for Council or Editorial Board members are at the reduced rate of $30. If you are not a member for 2001, please pay your dues as part of the registration process below.

2. Fill out the registration form. Indicate any optional expenses such as the excursion and lunches. Registration fees are non-refundable. Please note if you require audio/visual equipment.

3. If you wish to use one of the conference hotels, fill in your hotel preferences, dates, etc. The number of hotel rooms is limited. You are urged to book early. Note: A deposit is required.



RegistrationEveryone attending the conference is required to complete an official registration form. Individuals not presenting a paper or chairing a session may either pre-register or register on site. All conference participants, however, must pre-register. THE PRE-REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MAY 1, 2001. One form is to be filled out for each person; photocopies are acceptable. Before February 1 the registration fee is $85, and $40 for a spouse or guest. After February 1 the registration fee is $110, and $40 for a spouse or guest. At the Congress the registration fee is $135, and $40 for a spouse or guest. REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. (US currency only.)

Registrants must pay in US dollars and are urged to use a US bank so as to avoid exorbitant bank fees.  Registrants who wish to pay with a check drawn on a foreign bank may do so, but must add $8 to the total to cover bank fees.

visa.gif (2403 bytes) mcard.gif (2711 bytes)   You can pay by credit card.  See the registration form for details.

There are two types of registration form (there is only one form for registration and hotel reservations).

CLICK HERE for a form you can print out (requires Adobe Acrobat).

CLICK HERE for a form in Microsoft Word for Windows 7.0 format that you can edit on your computer.


TransportationSpecial travel rates have been arranged through the official MSA travel service, Stellar Travel. Call 800-893-8973 or 877-863-6654.

Shuttle transportation between Aix and the Marseilles airport — (click here for the Marseilles Airport)

Départ Gare routière - Rue Lapierre Tél. : 04 42 91 26 80
Du lundi au vendredi : 5h45 - 6h30 - 7h15 - 8h00 - 8h45 - 9h40 - 10h15 - 11h00 - 11h45 - 12h30 - 13h15 - 14h00 - 14h45 - 15h30 - 16h15 - 17h00 - 17h45 - 18h30 - 19h15 - 20h10 - 20h30
Les samedis : 5h55 - 7h05 - 7h30 - 8h10 - 9h45 - 11h00 - 11h30 - 12h30 - 13h50 - 15h50 - 17h45 - 19h05 - 20h20
Les dimanches et fêtes : 7h25 - 9h45 - 11h20 - 13h45 - 15h40 - 17h00 - 17h45 - 18h30 - 19h10 - 19h50 - 20h25

Départ Aéroport Tél. : 04 42 14 31 27
Du lundi au vendredi : 8h00 - 8h40 - 9h00 - 9h30 - 10h15 - 11h00 - 11h45 - 12h30 - 13h10 - 14h00 - 14h45 - 15h30 - 16h10 - 16h55 - 17h45 - 18h30 - 19h15 - 20h00 - 20h55 - 22h00
Les samedis : 8h50 - 10h15 - 10h55 - 11h45 - 13h10 - 14h40 - 15h45 - 16h30 - 18h35 - 19h45 - 21h00 - 22h45
Les dimanches et fêtes : 8h45 - 10h30 - 12h15 - 14h30 - 16h30 - 17h45 - 18h35 - 19h20 - 19h50 - 20h50 - 22h00 - 23h20

Durée du trajet : 30 mn environ Tarif : aller simple 47F / aller-retour journée 66F
Arrêt sur demande ZA Duranne - ZI Les Milles

HotelsNOTE: ALL ROOMS TAKEN (we can help find a room at another hotel: email us or call Ben Taggie 508-999-8022). We have blocks of rooms at three hotels: the Aquabella (a new premier-class hotel which will serve as the headquarters hotel), the Hotel Cardinal (an older modest hotel with considerable character), and the Comfort Hotel Les Floridianes. All buses to the congress site will depart and return to the Aquabella (the other hotels are an easy 15-minute walk through the old city). All reservations must be made through the MSA office. Payment must be made in advance. A minimum deposit equivalent to one night's stay is required at this time (you may pay the entire amount if you wish). The remainder will be due May 1, 2001. If you fail to pay the entire amount by May 1, you will forfeit your deposit and your room will be given to another.

Aquabella (includes breakfast) ALL ROOMS TAKEN
3, rue des Etuves
Aix-en-Provence, 13100
tel. (33) 4 42991500
fax. (33) 4 42991501

Single $95.00
Double $105.00
















Cardinal (does not include breakfast) ALL ROOMS TAKEN
24, Rue Cardinale
Aix en Provence, 13100
tel. (33) 4 42383230
fax: (33) 4 42263905
Single $50.00
Double $55.00
Suite $75.00 (kitchenette)

































Comfort Hotel Les Floridianes (includes breakfast) ALL ROOMS TAKEN
24, boulevard Charrier
Aix-en-Provence, 13090
tel. (33) 4 42372323
fax. (33) 4 42640018
Single $59.00
Double $65.00

The blocks of rooms are reserved for the period May 22-27, 2001; however, if you wish to arrive earlier or stay later we will do our best to arrange the extra nights.

For hotel registration use the registration form above.




SiteMaison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme, 5, rue du Château de l'Horloge BP 647







Wednesday, May 23, 8-4 optional excursion; 5:30 pm, reception at City Hall
Thursday, May 24, 9 am - 5 pm
Friday, May 25, 9 am - 5 pm; 8:00 pm reception at the Aquabella Hotel
Saturday, May 26, 9 am - 5 pm

big>Programclick HERE.

Excursion A few seats are still available. Optional all-day excursion on Wednesday, May 23 (lunch not included). From Aix we will drive to Pont du Gard and after a brief visit, we will drive through Nîmes and view the Roman Maison Carrée and the famous Arènes, a twin Roman Amphitheater of that of Arles. Next we will go to a major visit of Roman and Medieval Arles, with a view of the Centre Van Gogh. Free time for lunch. After Arles we will return toAix. Cost is $38 per person (sign up on the registration form).


  • Wednesday, May 23, 5:30 pm, reception at the Aix City Hall sponsored by the Mayor

  • Friday, May 25, 8pm, reception at the top of the Aquabella, hosted by the Mediterranean Studies Association, Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Arizona State University


PublicationsParticipants are invited to submit their revised papers for consideration for publication in the Association’s journal, Mediterranean Studies. See Guidelines for Contributors.

Questions concerning the conference should be directed to Benjamin F. Taggie, Executive Director, Mediterranean Studies Association,

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