The Program as printed is available as a PDF download.

Please note: this Program is up-to-date as of about May 5, 2005. Some changes have taken place that are not in the Program. These changes are noted below:

Session 9C will be moved to 3C

Session 1C. Art History I: Influences of Ancient Art, will be chaired by Ellen Longsworth

Paper moved from 2C to 1C: “An Art Historical Conundrum: Some Questions about the Church of SS. Peter& Paul in Famagusta, N. Cyprus,” Michael J. K. Walsh, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, N. Cyprus


Session 1C. “Il Bacino del Mar Piccolo di Taranto nel quadro della neolitizzazione dell’Italia sudorientale e del Vicino Oriente mediterraneo,” Patrizia Lorusso, Università di Bari

Session 2C. Art History II: Ecclesiastical Art [whole session]

Session 2C, “The Nude Wrestling of Herakles in the ‘Islamic’ Ceilings of the Cappella Palatina in Palermo,” Lev Kapitaikin, Wolfson College, Oxford University, England

Session 3A, “The Mediterranean and the Gothic: Caves and Banditti in Ann Radcliffe’s A Sicilian Romance,” Stefania Arcara, Università di Catania

Session 4A. La Sicilia ed il Mediterraneo orientale tra la tarda età del Bronzo ed il periodo arcaico [whole session]

Session 4C, “Caravaggio in Messina,” Liana Cheney, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Session 5D, “Swaying Images: Atlantic and Mediterranean Images in Portuguese Destinations Promotional Posters,” Maria Aurindo, University of Lisbon, Portugal