Hotel Registration

13th Annual Mediterranean Studies Congress

Universidad de Salamanca
Salamanca, Spain

May 26 – 29, 2010


Hotel Ibis ** Calle la Marina 15-19 Esquina de otumba y la Albuera - 37001

Rooms & Prices:
We have booked all of the 18 remaining rooms with two beds (single bed and double bed) and 10 rooms with one double bed. All rooms are the same price two beds or one. There is also a different price for the rooms Tuesday through Thursday and a higher price on Friday and Saturday nights.
Tuesday – Thursday $85.00
Friday – Sunday $110

Procedures & Conditions for Booking Rooms at the Ibis

  1. Reservations will be accepted on a first come basis until March 23, 2010. At that time any un-reserved rooms will be released.
  2. Full payment will be required at time of making reservation. For five nights (Tuesday-Sunday = $475). Full refund will be possible up to 30 days before arrival date and 50% refund 15-29 days before arrival date minus a $25 administrative fee.
  3. The price for a triple is an additional $20.00 per-night over the single/double rate.
  4. One person will be responsible for payment when booking shared rooms. It will NOT be possible to collect a portion from each person sharing a room.

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(one double and one single)
(one double and one single; three breakfasts); additional $20/night

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