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MSA NEWSLETTER September 3, 2021

Dear MSA Colleagues,

I have very good news to report. Effective with your 2021-22 membership (which qualifies you to participate in the 2022 Congress in Lisbon) you will receive both Volumes of the Bi-Annual MSA Journal. Active members should receive their 1st Journal (30.1) May/June, 2022. Thanks to a most generous arrangement with the PSUP, we will be able to do this without any increase in the cost of membership.

Special thanks to our Editor Susan Rosenstreich for initiating negotiations with PSUP, and Louise Taggie in devising an appropriate time saving method allowing her to take on the task of preparing and updating the mailing list for PSUP. We also thank Jennifer Ballantine for her assistance, Amikam Nachmani who recommended that we consider adding the Journal to membership and special thanks to Julie Lambert and Patrick Alexander of PSUP who made this possible.

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Best regards,

Benjamin Taggie

President/Executive Director

Mediterranean Studies Association



Mediterranean Studies Association

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