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2024 Grant


The Mediterranean Studies Association Grant for International Interdisciplinary Programs supports the international development of interdisciplinary programs in the field of Mediterranean studies. The grant supports teaching faculty from the humanities, arts and allied social sciences who are cooperating internationally to develop and institute programs or courses that will enhance the student experience of interdisciplinarity. The total amount of the grant is USD 5000. Applications for the 2024 award are due on December 31, 2023. Recipients of the award will be announced at the Annual Mediterranean Studies Association congress in May 2024. 



The purpose of this grant is to strengthen the student experience of interdisciplinarity in Mediterranean studies. The grant funds projects that show promise for strong interdisciplinary student experiences through courses or programs in Mediterranean Studies that are developed cooperatively by teaching faculty from a variety of institutions and from different disciplines in the humanities, arts and/or allied social sciences.  


 Applications should provide a clear description of the project, including:

1.    the project’s objectives and expected outcomes.

2.    the project’s anticipated impact on interdisciplinary education in an international context. 

3.    a definition of interdisciplinarity that is grounded in the humanities, arts and allied social sciences.

4.    a narrative of the proposed project, outlining its interdisciplinary structure and describing the international composition and expertise of the team participating in it.

5.    a plan of action with a timetable for executing the project.

Applications are submitted to the MSA Grant Committee. The application form and instructions for submitting applications are accessible through the MSA Website Applicants may request a proposal review by the Grant Committee before submitting their final application.



Applicants are members in good standing of the MSA. 

Applicants name a Project Director who will be the point of contact between the project participants and the Grant Committee. The Project Director is affiliated with an institution of post-secondary education.

Applicants submit periodic financial reports to the Grant Committee on dates determined by the Project Director and the Grant Committee. At the conclusion of the grant period, applicants submit a final report on the project, including an expense accounting and program outcomes.     

Applicants submit a follow-up report to the Grant Committee one year after the conclusion of the grant period. This report gathers evidence from all project participants of longer-range effects of the grant on international interdisciplinary education in the humanities, arts and allied social sciences.


Grant money may be used for:

1.    supplies necessary to carry out project objectives including books, subscriptions, software programs, exhibition materials, fine arts performance materials.

2.    stipends for clerical assistance with digitization or reproduction of materials that carry out program objectives.

3.    stipends for student assistance for research that carries out program objectives.

4.    honorarium fees for speakers, curators, performing or visual artists whose contributions to the project are necessary to fulfill its objectives.  

5.    funding to enhance existing interdisciplinary initiatives.


Grant money may not be used for:

1.    electronic devices, computer hardware, or other office equipment.

2.    expenses already covered by some other financial resource.

3.    salaries. 

Susan Rosenstreich, Chair

MSA Grant Committee

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MSA Grant Committee

Susan Rosenstreich, Chair

Robert John McCaw, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ana Clara Birrento, University of Evora, Portugal

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